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We carry out Inspection, Testing and Certification of:

All types of cranes, derricks and gantries using load cell or test weights or water bags

Cargo loose gear attachments (wire rope slings, shackles, hook blocks etc.)

Life Boat/Rescue boat davits using water bags

Bollard pull test

Non-Destructive Testing - DP, MPI and UT gauging

Forklifts & Truck Cranes

Industrial Boilers & Pressure Vessels

Anchors & Anchor Chains

In addition to the above, we have the following exclusive services:

35 tons Spooling Machine which can be easily transported to the site for spooling of wire ropes from the Vessels.

600 tons x 54 meters long Test Bed for tensile testing of wire ropes, anchor chains and other lifting gear.

Pad Eye Tester upto 10 tons which is capable of testing pad eyes (lifting / anchoring points) located on the floor/walls/ceiling onboard the Vessels.