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Bhatia Brothers manufactures Polyester Webbing Slings at their facility located at the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone.
Our Webbing Slings are produced and marketed under the name WEBMAX.

Webbing Slings are produced and certified upto 24 MT in capacity and these slings can vary in length as per customer requirements.
All our slings are as per the latest EN 1492 Part 1 - standard with Design Factor of 7 times.

Bhatia Brothers also have a good stock of Polyester Webbing Slings to meet the urgent requirements of our customers.

Bhatia Brothers are also master fabricators of SlingMax® products in the Middle East.

TwinPath Slings are amongst the most ergonomically superior slings in the world. These slings come with their own overload indicators and are repairable.They are used worldwide for heavy lifting.

We have excellent products such as cornermax pads and cornermax sleeves to protect the slings from sharp edges and thus imcreasing the usage life of the slings.