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The strongest wire ropes in the world.
High Strength and Toughness

By selection of special high quality raw materials, design precision and expert manufacturing technology, Neptune wire ropes are produced to the highest and most consistent strength levels combined with outstanding durability.

Benefits of Neptune Adaptability

The Properties of Neptune wire ropes can be adapted to meet the complete range of customer requirements.

• Highest breaking loads                        
• Highest strength to weight ratio
• Widest range of construction option     
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• High Fatigue Performance                   
• Excellent resistance to abrasion and water
• Ease of Handling, coiling and deployment


Neptune Wire Rope Characteristic

Increased Fatigue Life                            
• The best quality steel and wire rod         
• Defect free wire drawing                        
• Expert rope making                               
• Plastic in-fill                                        
• Strand compaction                               

Increased Corrosion Resistance
• Heavier zinc coat thickness
• Zinc / Alluminium Alloy Coating
• Zinc Alloy anodes
• Plastic Impregnation
• Durable and effective rope lubricants

Increased Breaking Strength
• Neptune SUPER and ULTRA Grade
• Strand Compaction
• Same strength / lower diameter option

Abrasion and Wear Resistance
• High wire hardness and toughness
• Large outer wire diameter
• Durable and Effective Rope Lubricants


• Anchor Lines
• Crane Ropes
• Non-Rotating Crane Ropes
• Tensioner Lines
• Towing Lines
• Compacted Wire Ropes

• Chaser Ropes
• Pennant Lines
• Hyfill Wire ropes, with plastic in-fill
• Drill Lines
• A&R Winch Ropes
• Dredging ropes