We manufacture all types of wire rope slings from 6mm dia to 128 mm dia with flemish spliced eyes pressed with Crosby S505 Steel Sleeves.

Working loads limits for slings using steel cored rope of classes 6x19, 6x36 and having ferrule secured eye terminations.

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This is a three part wire rope sling developed to give the rigger the advantages of strength combined with greater flexibility. It was created to replace large diameter single part wire rope slings which proved awkward and stiff. Tri-Flex® Slings are now manufactured in sizes from 1 ton to 145 ton capacity. Steel erectors, millwrights and riggers use Tri-Flex® slings for everything from steel erection or machinery moving to any type of heavy lift. These slings are made in matching lengths.




This is the strongest multi-part sling with great flexibility. It will develop its full strength on small pins with a D/d ratio of 1/1 where D is the pin and d is the sling body. (4/1 D/d when comparing the pin to the component parts.) For heavy lifting work this is the most efficient wire rope sling that meets all of the standards. The eyes have the wire ropes (12) laid in parallel so that there is no cross over and then they are wrapped with heavy duty material to keep them in position. It is an excellent choice when you have to use small pins. This sling was developed to meet conditions specified by the US Navy and the Wire Rope Technical Board Sling Manual.



This is identical to the Gator-Max® sling with the parallel eyes except it has metal sleeves for the splice connection. This is the product when a big lift but shorter sling is required. It also has twelve parts of wire rope in the loop. The Gator-Flex® and Gator-Laid® products were developed in conjunction with the off-shore oil industry to provide the worlds best heavy lift wire rope slings. D/d ratios are the same as for the Gator-Max® sling



This sling has a nine part body style but the eyes are crossed or interwoven so that no wrapping is necessary. The sling was developed in conjunction with riggers in the field that wished to create a sling for heavy lifts that could be visually inspected and have the highest flexibility possible in a multi-part wire rope sling. The D/d ratio of the sling body is 5:1 and the eye loop is 1:1 where D is the pin or load diameter and d is the sling body diameter



This wire rope sling is an extremely flexible product with great applications for general rigging purposes in the utility industry. It makes a fantastic choker sling especially when lifting poles. Development was through a committee composed of utility company workers and members of the SLINGMAX® design team. D/d ratios are the same as for the Gator-Flex® sling.





Ultra flexible slings for that short heavy lift connection. These slings can be made shorter than standard multipart slings but maintain all of the advantages. The D/d ratio is 5:1 where D is the pin or load and d is the sling body diameter.